Faculty Profile

David Hinds

Associate Professor, African and African American Studies, School of Social Transformation

Email: David.Hinds@asu.edu | Office Phone: 480-965-7682 | Office: (soon to come)


David Hinds is an associate professor of African and African American Studies with a concentration on the Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies.  


Governance and politics in the African Diaspora, race and ethnicity in plural societies, black political thought and political protest and resistance.

Selected Publications

"Ethno-politics and Power Sharing in Guyana: History and Discourse," New Academia Press (2011).

"Janet Jagan and the Politics of Race and Ethnicity in Guyana. Women in Caribbean Politics," Ian Randle Publishers(2011).

"The Grenadian Revolution and the Caribbean Left: The Case Guyana’s Working People’s Alliance," Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies (2010).

"Beyond Formal Democracy: The Discourse on Democracy and Governance in the Anglophone Caribbean," Commonwealth and Comparative Politics (2008).


PhD, Howard University, political science (1998)

MA, Howard University, political science (1993)

BA, University of the District of Colombia (1990)

Recent Courses

AFR 215  Bob Marley: Reggae and Resistance

AFR 375  Race, Gender and Sport

AFS 301  Race/Racism/African Diaspora

AFS 345  Peoples & Cultures of the Caribbean