Justice and Social Inquiry

How do we find just solutions to complex social problems?

We are an innovative interdisciplinary unit that places social justice at the center of our scholarship and teaching. For more than 25 years, we have been the intellectual hub for the study of justice at ASU and beyond by producing cross-disciplinary knowledge and educating generations of social change agents and justice studies scholars.

We REVEAL intersecting forms of injustice
Inquiry into the sources and manifestations of inequality is the starting point for much of our scholarship. Inequalities are built into our social life and public policies. Intersecting forms of injustice based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation and legal status, among other factors, are further shaped by political realignments, economic globalization and technological and cultural change.

We ENGAGE multiple visions of justice
Local and global processes hinder as well as engender visions for a just society. Visions of justice might focus on short-term management of problems or the long-term restructuring of entrenched inequalities and empowerment of communities. Justice and Social Inquiry faculty and students engage with practitioners, decision makers and other social change agents to identify sustainable solutions to difficult social problems.

We TRANSFORM pathways to justice
People organize for justice in a variety of ways. Vulnerable, exploited or marginalized communities draw on local and global resources to resist inequality and create resilient and thriving communities. Multi-disciplinary social inquiry allows scholars and community leaders to translate lessons learned during one historical moment or location to solutions appropriate for emerging social justice concerns.

As one of the nation's most comprehensive programs in justice studies, we offer a BA/BS, an MS, an accelerated 4 + 1 bachelor's/master's, and a doctoral degree.

Explore the online flip-through brochure about undergraduate degrees in Justice and Social Inquiry:

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