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Each year the School of Social Transformation awards more than $100,000 in scholarships to its students, in amounts ranging from $200 to over $9,000.

Undergraduate students in the School of Social Transformation are uniquely eligible for these scholarships. Students in Asian Pacific American Studies, African and African American Studies, Justice Studies and Women and Gender Studies are eligible as well as students who have made contributions to the Asian Pacific American community.

These scholarships are possible thanks to generous donations from our alumni, community organizations and members, as well as other benefactors who want to help our students complete their education.

Learn more about each scholarship and the application requirements below.

African and African American Studies students
Asian Pacific American Studies students
  • Y.F. Wu Scholars Scholarships
    • Funded by the Y.F. Wu Scholarship endowment, this scholarship supports the success and leadership development for students of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent who will be or are attending ASU. Anticipated award amount: $500-$2,000
  • Wu Research Scholarship
    • The Wu Research Scholarship provides opportunities for ASU undergraduates enrolled in a degree program to receive financial support for innovative, independent or supervised research, or creative projects relating to Asian American or Pacific Islander communities.
  • Asian Pacific American Community Scholarship
    • This scholarship is funded by Arizona State University. Any student, regardless of ethnicity, may apply for this scholarship. Anticipated award amount: $500-$9,200

These scholarships recognize students who may have taken an APA class, who are currently enrolled in the APAS major, minor or certificate program, or students who demonstrate academic excellence combined with service and leadership to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Students may apply for all scholarship programs.

Justice and Social Inquiry students
Women and Gender Studies
  • Uta Monique Behrens Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies
    • For full-­time women and gender studies major with junior or senior standing, Arizona residency and first­-generation college student. Anticipated award amount: $700.
  • Feldt-­Barbanell Scholarship
    • For a full­-time women and gender studies major or minor student with junior standing with demonstrated feminist leadership. Anticipated award amount: $3,000.
  • Norton Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies
    • For full­-time women and gender studies major, sophomore level or higher, with a demonstrated interest in researching the challenges and issues face by gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender communities, including identifying a specific research proposal in one of these areas. Anticipated award amount: $1,600.