From the director

At Arizona State University we're challenging the very definition of what a university can be. By transcending traditional academic boundaries, fusing new intellectual connections, embracing complexity, and embedding our work in community partnerships, we're radically redesigning higher learning to address the challenges of our time—and prepare graduates for a changing world.

One of many transdisciplinary schools unique to ASU, the School of Social Transformation brings together scholars, students, and communities in African and African American studies; Asian Pacific American studies; social and cultural pedagogy; justice and social inquiry; and women and gender studies. We are focused on transformational knowledge—new research approaches, themes and questions that are embedded in broader historical, social and cultural processes of change—and are pursuing novel collaborative forms of teaching and knowledge creation to make discoveries, to create social innovations and to engage with others in changing the world.

We prepare our students to be informed members of society who are interdisciplinary, team-oriented, real-world problem solvers that can thrive in any career environment.

The school is excited to be addressing the big question of our time: How do we envision the future and achieve change that is democratic, inclusive and just?

 We invite you to join us on this compelling journey.